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 “APV Polimērs” enterprise was established in 1992 and since then has grown and now it is one of leading plastic box manufacturers in Baltic countries.

Plastic boxes that are manufactured by „APV Polimērs” LLC are applicable for packaging storing and transporting food and non food stuff. All the products are made from high quality HDPE raw polymer materials. For food manufacturers each product has specific certification that approves that all requirements for food storing are met, and product has hygiene certificate issued by Health care agency of Latvia.

“APV Polimērs” LLC company provides a wide range of polymer packaging for food and non-food products for different branches of national industry. Constantly growing enterprise now is on the stage of searching for opportunities, making new steps towards the strong customers, but also strengthening its positions on the assimilated market.

In fact the core company product are: the plastic boxes and pallets. Pallets are usual european standard sized. But plastic boxes are different. Conventionally they may be divided into main seven subgroups:

  1. For vegetables
  2. For milk products
  3. For bread
  4. For mashrooms
  5. For berries
  6. For bottles
  7. For personal belongings in daily life(toys tools etc)

Boxes could have the cups and covers, also there is a great colour variation. All boxes are made from the high quality primary raw materials.



                        NEWS !

We offer a new type of plastic box (No 63) for food and non-food products storing and transporting.

  • size 600x400x320mm
  • volume - 56L
  • veight- 2.7kg



As well was launched in production  new version of bread crate (No 90) with the walls closed. Dimensions 600x400x150mm, the volume 26 l.



APV Polimers regullary purchases the plastic scrap at competitive prices! It is also possible to exchange scrap to new products on the profitable conditions!


Phone + 371 67602154
e-mail: info@polimers.lv